Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Struggle Is Real

I too like many Americans was just hurt over the suicide of Designer Kate Spade. From the news media, we have found out that her death was a suicide.  Later on, we learned that she left a suicide note and that perhaps she killed herself because of an impending divorce.  However, her husband said that they had been living apart for 10 months and were not divorcing just trying to work things out.  Her daughter was with her father at the time according to a New York Times article.

Nevertheless, I want to talk about depression.  I can only speak on depression from the outside looking in.  Yes, I have been sad and I am sure that I have been depressed.  Even though I have not been treated for depression, I do know this fact.  Depression is a trick of the enemy.  I am not saying that depression is not real, but you need to know the source of your depression.  I can not speak of being with someone for 35 years then all of a sudden they need a break or I need one.  I can only speak of being with someone for 10 years and being married to them for about 3.

I know that relationships are everything to most of us and to some of us they might mean nothing.  I do know that as human beings we all need a spiritual connection whether we acknowledge it or not.  When we stay connected to the source, the enemy can't get our mind like he normally can.  The Bible says "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.  Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Let's pray one for another.  Don't be a tool of the devil in promoting mind games because in this life you reap what you sow.  The Bible says "as long as the earth remains seedtime and harvest shall not cease" (Genesis 8:22).

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What About Sunday?

Sometimes we take for granted what people do on Sunday.  To many people, Sunday is just another day of the week.  Sunday is a time to relax or play golf or catch up on work.  What does Sunday mean to you?  I do go to church on Sundays.  Since I teach school, I use Sundays to lesson plan or prepare for the next day.  I also use Sundays to catch up on graduate work.

I remember years ago reading a profile of a supermodel who said that Sunday always felt weird.  She didn't know what to do with that day.  That's why a lot of ministers have a television ministry.  They are trying to reach people who don't know what to do with Sunday.  Sunday is a good time to set aside to worship God.  You might as well practice because we will be doing it for eternity.  I teach students and over the years I have noticed that some go to church and some do not.  A lot of times friends will invite them or they attend with grandparents.

Let's teach children and adults about what they can do on Sundays. Sundays will help prepare them to be equipped for life. Many people say they volunteer on Sundays.  Even though Sunday is about worshipping God, it also helps the participant.  I often say that church is the best and cheapest form of therapy.  I don't have to go sit on a couch and spill the beans.  I can get on my knees at home and spill the beans to God.  I can spill the beans in church when I cry out to Him and pray.

There are also those in a church who have not fully surrendered to Christ.  They need the Holy Ghost who is a Comforter.  He will comfort the lonely and comfort those who grieve if you let Him.  He does a lot of other things as well.  He warns you when danger is near and gives you insight when you need it. He will even wake you up to make sure you don't miss church.   I have literally been pushed out of bed when I decided that I wasn't going to church or Sunday school.  He sometimes has to push Sunday school teachers out of bed.

What about Sunday? Go to a church this Sunday.  Tune in to a broadcast on TV.  Watch or or whomever. Let's not forget about Sunday.   If you can't go to church on Sunday, another day will do.

Monday, July 17, 2017

How to Pray Resources

        I have been learning how to pray since I was a child reared in rural Hardeman County in a town called Grand Junction, Tennessee.   I learned early on how to pray listening to my grandmother Cora Hamer.  Many times I got to experience early on as an usher when one of my grandmother’s children or grandchildren went home to be with the Lord.  Fanning her and hearing her cry out to God in a time of need, I knew that He would listen to me if I called on Him.  I remember at least 3 occasions where I had to be an usher in our household.  There were other times too when close relatives or friends of her past.
        Other early on experiences came from listening to my Uncle Willie Lee Patterson who was a deacon at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Saulsberry, Tennessee.  I used to think Uncle Willie Lee could really pray.  He and Mr. Carter were deacons in the church and always prayed.  I always felt that he was sincere because he seemed really emotional afterward.
        Later on, I got on the mourner’s bench.  I think I was around 12. It was Pastor Simon Hunt’s son Junior and I.  I believed in Jesus and was told not to come off that mourner’s bench until I heard the wind.  Well, I didn’t hear the wind, but Junior was coming off and I definitely wasn’t going to stay on by myself.  I came off too.  My grandmother asked me if I heard the wind.  I said, “Yes, Ma’am.”  I later had to ask for forgiveness for lying, but I did confess Jesus as my Savior and believe in Him.  I knew that I was supposed to remember the day that I came off, Monday; in case you had to tell someone who asked.  The following week, we got baptized in a small pond.
        Later on in life through various churches where I have belonged, I have learned better how to pray and that you must also repent before praying so that your prayers can be heard.  Most of the ministers who I have been under agree that the Lord’s Prayer is the example (Matthew 6:9-13).  I have followed many television ministers for a season and some have given specific examples on how to pray.  Most agree that you are supposed to approach God in a humble position.  If you are at home, most people bow down on their knees.  Usually, at church, you are standing or whatever is most suitable.  Some ministers say they lay straight out on the floor when seeking God.  I have used that method before and found it to be most effective.  Most times, I am on my knees.  If it has been a late night, I might just be in bed and pray quietly before going to sleep.
         Watching people in church or in ministry provide good examples on how to pray.  Most ministers say you should find scriptures in the Bible pertaining to your need and take those to God in prayer.  That is why it is important to have a Bible Concordance.  This will allow you to look up various scriptures and take them with you to prayer.  You can find scriptures for healing, faith, marriage, finances, etc. Here are some links to online Bible Concordances:

        Also, you need to have the Holy Ghost.  This is the best way to pray.  The Holy Ghost knows how to get to the root cause of any situation and what you really need to ask God.  It also prevents the enemy from understanding what is being said so that he won’t get in the way.  You need to have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior.  Then, get baptized.  If you ask God for the Holy Ghost, He will show up soon.  You do need to be living a life that is pleasing to God.  We all miss the mark.  I know that I have.  I just repent and keep on trucking.       

        Most times for me to pray in the Holy Ghost, I need to have read a lot of the Word and do this on a regular basis. I try to treat my Christian walk as I would a career.  In order to get better, you must have professional development.  You have to develop spiritually and God requires more commitment from those who He has called. That’s why it seems like some people can get away with everything and you can get away with nothing.  God holds some to a higher standard because they know better and have been at this longer than most.

Monday, July 10, 2017

If I Be Lifted Up From the Earth

     Saints, it is time to stop playing church.  The Bible says "If I be lifted up from the earth, I'll draw all men unto me." (John 12:32)  What does this mean?  When ministers preach the Word and focus on the Word, it will draw men and women to Christ.  Most people need strong meat.  They want a studied word that focuses on Jesus.  They don't want people who just get up and shoot from the hip.    Some people can do that and do it quite well because they have a lot of Word in them.  Bishop G.E. Patterson was good at that.  Bishop Charles E. Blake is good at that.  Bishop Milton R. Hawkins is good at that but they are good at that and always have notes to refer to if needed.  They seek God for a Word to deliver to His people and you can tell they are very studied.

     Some small churches with very few members have people who get up and throw jabs. They are not really teaching and that is not lifting God from the earth to draw people in to be saved. Those who are gifted to discern spirits can tell that.  Most people know if they have a call on their lives.  It is not anything new.  What you need to understand is that the set man or woman of the house releases their flock out into the world.  If someone has a calling, they need to talk to their pastor.  Don't let others who are not your pastor send you out.  Pastors will give you instructions on what to do. That's why I really don't visit other churches.  Too many people want to pastor other people's flock.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Help Revamp the Glory  This is the year of transformation for the book GLORY...THE HAIR. After about 16 years, I plan to relaunch the book.  The book is 426 pages and appears in libraries across the country.  We plan to revisit the book and polish up where needed.  You can be a part of this transformation.  We can't detail all of the plans for GLORY...THE HAIR and other works to come but you do want to stay tuned.
    To participate with this project go to link above.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Glory...the Hair Author Preparing to Go Off the Grid

It is not as drastic as it sounds. I am not going underground totally. However, I may be going off the grid when it pertains to hair salons. For the last 3 to 4 weeks, I have been shampooing and conditioning my own hair. However, in the next few weeks, I will have to make a decision. Will I go natural or will I retouch my hair? I am greatly leaning towards retouching my own hair. I have been reading all kinds of posts to see what other women are doing. It is not that I don't have money to do my own hair. I am tired of dealing with stylists who act like they can't use products because they are trying to promote weave usage. Nothing is wrong with weaves, but nothing is wrong with letting your hair grow. Sometimes, you have to see if you are in hostile hair territory. It seems the problems that I have, other women across the country have experienced as well. I suppose it is just the human element. Since washing and conditioning my own hair, I have seen that it is really thickening up and growing quickly from previous problems caused by a stylist and myself. I am not mad at stylists. Sometimes, people have to push you into your own destiny.

While my hair grows out, I am doing other things. I am continuing to focus on my doctoral work. I recently got my ears re-pierced and I am focusing on losing some weight. Don't get me wrong. I have always been able to rock the short hair, but I desire some length at this point. If reading this post and you have some excellent do it yourself hair ideas, drop me a line or to at I look forward to networking with women around the world who have been successfully doing it themselves for years. Cheers!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Doing It Myself Part II

My have the last few months been a world wind experience for hair. I went from having length with potential to length with patience. I am also praying for patience for my husband with my hair. I think it all has to do with hair coloring. One Saturday after going to the stylist the night before, I woke up to breakage on my satin pillow case. I told my husband that my hair appears to be extremely dry. I texted the hairstylist a few days later and told her about the breakage. It was so dry that I decided to do it myself. I can do my hair but I decided to try a new product and boy things did not go as planned. If you haven't done your hair in awhile, you might not want to try a new product. Just use what you normally would use.

Next, I decided to go to a hair school for my retouch. That worked out okay. I was scheduled with the same lady the following week but I had to change from Friday to Saturday because of a deadline we were trying to meet. I went in Saturday with a different student. I should have stayed at home in bed. It appeared that things were going okay until she felt the need to show me what was in her combs. It appeared that she had pulled out a significant amount of my hair. Really doll, you want to show me that. Even though, I tipped her and rescheduled an appointment when I got in my car. I called and canceled. Since then I have been doing my own hair. I have decided that I will do it myself until I need a relaxer. Then after a few shampoos, I realized that I have permanent color on my hair. Permanent color for my hair is not greatly advised. I usually get a rinse after a retouch. Permanent color is harsher on my hair. So, I have been washing and setting my hair and occasionally flat ironing it. Yes, I have had to snip ends but it will get healthier and is already growing back out.

In addition to normal hair care, I take excellent hair vitamins and I eat pretty healthily. I also try to exercise and I plan to do more in that area. Additionally, I try not to worry too much because that is just a tool that the enemy uses to help you loose ground.